Forum: Wondering if quarantine order was issued by mistake

The Ministry of Health (MOH) called me at night on April 20 to say I would be issued a Quarantine Order for having been in close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case based on my TraceTogether app.

The contact was made on April 9 at 10.35am.

I recalled that I was at my doctor's clinic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital for a medical check-up then.

I was subsequently taken for a swab test and placed in a quarantine facility until the Quarantine Order expired on April 23. Thankfully, both my swab tests were negative.

This experience has led me to ask a few questions:

• Why did it take MOH so long to contact me, since the initial contact was on April 9?

• How is it that I was classified as a close contact detected via my TraceTogether app when my app continues to indicate "no exposure alerts"?

• I called the clinic where the contact was supposed to have been made, and it had no information of any Covid-19 case visiting the clinic and had not received any notification from MOH.

I am left wondering if the Quarantine Order was issued to me by mistake.

Perhaps MOH or the relevant authorities could clarify?

Kang Choon Hwee