Forum: With home-based learning, school bus operators should give refund on fees

My child takes the school bus to and from her primary school every day and this costs me close to $200 every month during the school term. Fees are usually paid in full during the first week of every calendar month.

All schools moved to full home-based learning from May 19 till the end of the term on May 28. During that time, there was no need to use the school bus service.

The new school term began on Tuesday, and I contacted the school bus operator to ask if there would be a refund for the days the service was not used. I was told there would not be any refund as some pupils still had the option to go back to school during that time.

It caught me by surprise as I did not know pupils still went back to school despite the government advisory.

The bus operator said many parents had asked about pro-rating the bus fees but that it was not willing to provide refunds as there is no guideline on this matter from the Ministry of Education.

It seems unfair for school bus operators to pocket the fees paid for services not rendered.

I hope the ministry will provide a clear direction on this issue and set a precedent for students affected by future home-based learning directives.

Wu Zhenxi