Forum: Will people in Singapore know what to do during a natural disaster?

The recent unprecedented rain and floods that inundated major cities around the world - events that were once deemed to occur only once in a thousand years - are disconcerting and worrying.

The recent flash floods in Singapore should be a wake-up call for those who think that we are somehow insulated from these climate change-related events in part due to our geographic location and meteorological luck.

Besides the recent measures announced by our Government to mitigate flash floods such as raising the level of roads and low-lying areas (450m stretch of Dunearn Road to be raised to reduce flood risk, Aug 29), what other contingencies are being considered to ensure that our citizens are prepared to ride out these catastrophic events should they occur here?

Should a mandatory disaster fund be set aside to help restore homes and properties destroyed in such events?

What about emergency food supply, places of refuge and medical support?

Are there any guidelines for citizens to follow if natural disasters occur?

Are Singaporeans prepared for such an event that may well happen within the next five to 10 years rather than a thousand years from now?

Keith Wong

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