Forum: Will Hon Sui Sen Memorial Room be kept after library facelift?

I read in the recent National University of Singapore alumni newsletter that the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library will undergo a facelift.

The second and third floors will be converted to make space for new seminar rooms for future generations of business administration students.

With this change, what will happen to the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Room on the second floor?

The library was built to commemorate the contributions that Mr Hon, former minister for finance and MP for Havelock, made to the country, and his memorabilia are kept in this room.

He is one of the most revered past leaders of the country and we should respect that.

Furthermore, the library was funded mainly by donations and public money.

Have the main donor, the Welfare and Scholarship Fund of the Havelock constituency, and Mr Hon's family been consulted on the changes planned for the building?

Ng Kok Koon