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Forum: Wildlife important, but protect humans and property too

A photograph taken by the writer last week showing some of the damage caused by wild boars on a golf course fairway at Singapore Island Country Club. PHOTO: LAWRENCE LOH KIAH MUAN

The increased incidence of wild boar attacks is disconcerting (2 wild boar attacks at night shock Punggol residents, Feb 23).

While it is important to protect wildlife and maintain wildlife diversity, at some point, we need to balance this with the impact on humans and property.

Wild animals pose a danger to humans and can damage property, and the National Parks Board's programmes to manage the issue may not be totally effective.

People who have golfed at Singapore Island Country Club would have witnessed the damage done by wild boars - stretches of the fairways dug up by the animals.

The club has spent money on repairs and to erect a perimeter fence around the golf course,

but this has not completely prevented the wild boars from damaging the course.

If the wild boar situation gets out of control, more drastic measures will be needed. An effective means could be to control the population through culling - which is what happened to the wild boar caught in Punggol - although wildlife activists will cry foul.

But this may be no different from how millions of minks in Denmark were culled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Ultimately, we need to maintain a balance between wildlife diversity and the safety of humans and protection of property.

Lawrence Loh Kiah Muan

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