Forum: Wildlife flourishing in Botanic Gardens

I have been visiting the Botanic Gardens regularly over the last 10 years to photograph its diverse fauna, especially rare migratory birds.

I was pleasantly surprised to see for the first time a Malayan Colugo grooming itself as it hung from a tree branch at the Learning Forest. These tree-dwelling mammals are usually found only in nature parks and reserves.

Its presence, including that of civet cats in the gardens, suggests that the park connectors are connecting not only humans but also wildlife. Long-tailed macaques have also been making a comeback at the gardens, albeit an unwelcome one as they can be a nuisance to park visitors.

Kudos to the National Parks Board for the park connectors and the Botanic Gardens for keeping the Learning Forest in its natural state, and with it our City in Nature.

Art Toh Keng Jeow

Thanks for return of senior's card

My former colleagues and I, a group of senior citizens, were out walking on Saturday morning.

At our start point at Queenstown MRT station, one of us dropped his PAssion senior citizen concession card and, despite a frantic search, failed to find it. We reported the loss at the MRT ticketing counter.

We proceeded with our walk and a short while later, my friend received a call from the station informing him that his card had been found.

The identity of the considerate person who found and handed the card to the ticket office is not known. But we hope he reads this letter. We want to thank him for his good deed.

Yeo Hock Yew