Forum: Wild boars scaring residents in neighbourhood

On Jan 20, while driving home towards Mayfair Park, my husband and I saw a wild boar along Rifle Range Road at 7.10pm. It was yet another reminder of the menace we have had to put up with.

We had lived in peace and comfort in our neighbourhood for more than 20 years until January last year, when the vegetation in the state land next to our house was totally ravaged by wild boars. The aftermath was telling of their strength and ferocity.

Since then, from time to time, these wild boars would return to dig up holes in the compound in search of food.

One morning last August, I witnessed a metre-long wild boar speed across the walking track of the garden, frightening users of the park.

In September, we reported the issue to a member of our residents' committee after wild boars left trails of large holes in the park. She would report to the National Parks Board every now and then to give feedback and help monitor the wild boar situation in the vicinity.

These wild boars appear to have been emboldened to appear in public in bright daylight at around 7am and 7pm.

My husband and I used to take morning or evening walks. However, since the appearance of these wild boars, we have been terrified at the thought of encountering them, and have been starting out at a later time in the morning or finishing off our evening walk before 6.30pm.

The peace in our neighbourhood has been disrupted. The reality is that wild boars pose a threat to people taking walks in our neighbourhood. What recourse is there for people whose property has been damaged by wild boars?

Singaporeans are city dwellers. Almost everyone who has seen or encountered a wild boar is afraid of it.

What good is there in keeping these wild boars in Singapore, given that these animals are prone to destructive behaviour and are of no benefit to our people or the environment?

Can we do without them in public places, and perhaps confine them to the zoo?

Angeline Wee