Forum: Why vehicles are not wiped down at inspection centre

We refer to the letter by Mr Wong Hong Meng (Lax safety management at car inspection centre worrying, Nov 13).

Since the start of the pandemic, we have placed SafeEntry QR codes and hand sanitisers at all our customer-facing touchpoints. These include the self-service payment kiosks, cashier counters, as well as the end of every inspection lane.

There are also clear markings set 1m apart for motorists queueing at the self-service payment kiosks and cashier counters.

Although temperature taking is not a requirement for a non-air-conditioned facility like our centre, all our staff, including inspectors, have their temperatures checked twice daily.

They are also required to don masks at all times. They do not wear gloves but are required to sanitise their hands regularly.

As the inspection process takes no more than 15 minutes, vehicles are not wiped down after inspection.

We have also taken into consideration that some car owners may be particular about the use of disinfectant on their vehicle's upholstery.

Customers who wish to wipe down their cars after each inspection are welcome to do so at any of the available parking spaces in the facility.

We have reminded and will continue to remind all our inspectors and staff to remain vigilant in ensuring all customers scan the SafeEntry QR code and maintain safe distances while queueing.

We thank Mr Wong for sharing his concerns on the wait and his observations at the inspection centre. We will continue to do the best we can in upkeeping our safe management measures and high inspection standards.

Tammy Tan

Group Chief Corporate

Communications Officer


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