Forum: Why only 250 fans allowed at tennis tournament?

Being an avid tennis fan, I was initially very happy to learn that tickets would be available for the Singapore Tennis Open (Fans allowed for matches at weekend, Feb 25).

However, only 250 tickets were sold and, of course, these were all snapped up when they went on sale.

I wonder why, with such a huge arena, the authorities cannot consider allowing more sports fans to watch the event.

I am sure with all the safety protocols in place and with antigen tests being done, we should be able to hold a successful and safe event.

Look at the cinemas in Singapore which are similar to sports arenas in having an enclosed environment and socially distanced seating. No incidence of Covid-19 transmission has occurred in cinemas.

While I applaud the authorities for being mindful of safety, I wonder if we are being super "kiasu" in our attitude.

Beattrice Ho Mei Lin

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