Forum: Why one month's supply of medication instead of usual six?

I went to a polyclinic to get medication for my eczema as well as some antacid pills.

I was surprised when the attending doctor said he could give me only one month's supply of medication, since I was given five to six months' supply in the past. He explained that this was due to the current Covid-19 situation.

I work overseas and come back every six months, although I was away for eight months the last time.

Giving less medication seems counter-intuitive, as one would want to stay away from hospitals and clinics as much as possible.

I explained this to the pharmacist when I was collecting my medication and she tried to reach the doctor, but my prescription quantity was not changed.

Haven't we been told to practise caution and stay away from crowded places?

Dennis Soh Lum Teng

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