Forum: Why it's not compulsory for graduating classes to get personal learning devices

We thank Mr Raymond Han for his letter (Do include Sec 4 students in allocation of personal learning devices, April 28).

As announced in December, the Ministry of Education (MOE) aims to equip all secondary school students with a personal learning device (PLD), and we have topped up the Edusave accounts of students to facilitate this. All students, including graduating classes, will benefit from this top-up.

The purchase of the PLDs is done through an MOE bulk tender to help lower the cost of these devices.

We have not made it compulsory for secondary schools to procure PLDs for graduating classes as the learning requirements of these students will change when they progress to their post-secondary institutions.

The types of devices these students need may also vary depending on the post-secondary institutions they go to, as well as their course of study.

Nevertheless, all these students would have received the Edusave top-up, and secondary schools have the flexibility to facilitate the purchase of PLDs for these graduating students, if they opt for the PLDs.

Those who choose not to purchase the PLD at this stage will also continue to have access to computing devices in school.

They will also be able to tap digital learning resources such as the Singapore Student Learning Space to support their learning.

Aaron Loh

Divisional Director

Educational Technology Division

Ministry of Education

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