Forum: Why bar singles from buying prime location flats?

I refer to the recent announcement by the Ministry of National Development on the new prime location public housing model (Subsidy clawback, 10-year MOP for new prime location HDB flats to keep them affordable, inclusive, Oct 27).

I feel this new policy discriminates against singles in Singapore.

Prime locations are generally centres of economic activity and where offices are located, and it does not seem fair for singles to be excluded from buying a unit in a prime location public housing project.

Singles who work in the central region of Singapore would love to live in these areas too.

The Government has said it wants to cater to families in terms of public housing. Given that many schools are located in the heartland and away from the prime areas, wouldn't it make sense for the Government to give families priority to HDB flats that are nearer to schools instead?

The singles community in Singapore is growing.

According to the latest census, the proportion of singles increased across all age groups over the past decade, especially among those aged 25 to 34 (More singles, fewer babies, slowest decade of population growth since 1965: 5 highlights of population census, June 16).

The Government's policies should accommodate this group of people too.

Martin Lee Ming Han

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