Forum: Whether an MC is needed to be excused from school is a grey area

I refer to the article, "No need to ask employees with Covid-19 for medical certificate: Tan See Leng" (Feb 23).

Manpower Minister Tan See Leng appealed to employers to not request medical certificates from workers who test positive for Covid-19.

Does this advisory apply to schools?

From what I understand, a medical certificate (MC) is necessary as long as the student is absent from school.

What happens if a student who previously tested positive then tests negative, but has minor symptoms like a runny nose - does he need to produce an MC to stay away from school?

When I asked my children's teachers on the exact protocol to follow, the most common response was: "I am not sure, because the rules keep changing. The safest thing to do is to just go and get the MC."

This is a grey area the authorities need to clarify.

Alex Yeo

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