Forum: When cheating takes place, what's lost is integrity, not just honesty

I was sad to read the article "Tertiary exam cheats pay others to do their assignments" (Oct 11).

Students deemed to be intelligent enough to enter a tertiary institution have resorted to dishonesty and cheating by paying or getting others to complete their assignments and tests.

What is of notable concern is the nonchalance towards cheating, doing what they know intuitively is wrong and assuaging their guilt by saying the end justifies the means.

One may argue that paying someone else to complete an assignment that is of little or no significance to their career later is of little consequence, but let us not forget what is being compromised - integrity.

Having integrity is what defines us as honourable or dishonourable. Sadly, morals seem to have eroded.

Finian Yeo Seng Kong

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