Forum: Wearing of masks on golf course too restrictive

The Singapore Golf Association has to rethink its advisory to Singapore golf clubs on safe management measures during the current Covid-19 phase two (heightened alert).

Most golfers find the mandatory wearing of masks throughout the 18-hole game overly safe, most inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Imagine pulling a golf trolley over a distance of at least 6km, over undulating terrain, under the sun, in the allocated 4 ½ hours, and not expected to pause or rest to keep up the pace.

In a twin-sharing buggy, there is a divider provided, and social distancing of at least 2m has to be kept on the fairway. In a flight of two groups, those in different buggies have to be at least 3m apart. Other measures, including non-sharing of golf clubs, leaving the flagsticks in the holes and the disuse of bunker rakes, are in place to reduce the number of touch-points.

I hope to see a change of restrictions that are logical and sensible, to bring back the fun in golf which is already challenging, both physically and mentally.

Kevin Ho Kun Kok