Forum: Visitors should be considerate in nature reserves

When I go for hikes in Singapore's nature reserves, I am often disturbed by noise.

While hiking at MacRitchie Reservoir, I often meet people walking or running while playing music loudly from their phone speakers. There are rules of etiquette to be observed in nature reserves but it seems that these people do not know them. The considerate thing to do would be to use earphones.

I also could not enjoy peace and quiet during my recent hike at Chestnut Nature Park as there were low-flying military helicopters whirring overhead for an hour or so.

The National Parks Board has said that loud noises at parks and nature reserves result in an environment that is not conducive for communication between animals, and have other detrimental effects.

I hope people are more considerate when they go for walks at nature reserves, and that the authorities will not need to enact laws to ensure people observe basic etiquette.

Mahinder Singh

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