Forum: Vaccination referral programme to encourage, support more seniors

We thank Mr Harry Ong Heng Poh and Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng for their letters (Unnecessary to give reward for referring seniors for jabs, Aug 18; and Ensure seniors are not exploited for reward, Aug 20).

The Let's Get Our Seniors Vaccinated programme is part of the national drive to encourage unvaccinated seniors aged 60 and above to go for Covid-19 vaccination.

Singapore's seniors are a vulnerable group and at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill if infected. We are heartened that by early next month, 89 per cent of seniors here aged 60 and above will have received two doses of the vaccine.

However, there are some unvaccinated seniors who may not be familiar with the importance or benefits of vaccination or have personal concerns about getting vaccinated.

Referrers can reach out to any unvaccinated seniors they know, help to address their concerns and accompany them to seek a doctor's advice as well as to vaccination centres to register for their vaccination.

The token given to referrers is to acknowledge and appreciate the time and effort taken to provide this care and support for the seniors.

For all seniors who are referred, processes are in place to ensure that they understand the programme and consent to the referral.

As with any individual taking the Covid-19 vaccination, medical staff at the vaccination centres will assess the senior's eligibility, based on his medical history.

We hope that through this programme, we can encourage more medically eligible seniors to go for vaccination so they can better protect themselves and take care of their health.

Gary Khoo

Director, Healthy Ageing Programmes

Health Promotion Board

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