Forum: Vaccination checks needed as people cannot be left to self-regulate

I agree with Mr Frank Lim Choo Beng that the onus is on diners to ensure that they are vaccinated before eating at hawker centres or coffee shops (Onus should be on diners to follow the rules, Nov 25).

But I doubt everyone will be responsible and follow this rule. And given the number of hawker centres and coffee shops in Singapore, there are not enough resources to check on patrons and catch those breaching the rule.

Just look at other areas such as safe management measures, and tray return before it was made mandatory.

It is clear that people cannot be trusted to comply with the rules on their own.

When it comes to controlling the spread of Covid-19, which affects lives and livelihoods, people cannot be left to self-regulate.

Hence, I strongly support strict checks on patrons' vaccination status at hawkers centres and coffee shops.

The checks help to reduce the spread of Covid-19, and this benefits both vaccinated and unvaccinated patrons.

Ng Choon Lai

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