Forum: Use nature as a platform to teach the young

Singapore has a great education system - I can testify to that.

However, in this ever-changing world, we will not know when our natural world will start to collapse due to the constant extraction and consumption of fossil fuels.

Are we assured that our current education system will train our younger generation to survive and support the world ahead?

Our current education system focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

While schools are also increasing digital literacy among students - such as enabling all secondary school students to have personal digital devices by 2028 - there is also an important need to use nature as a platform for learning.

Nature, with its real-life environment, is often neglected as a classroom.

Children need to be educated on the environment, which we depend on for our way of life, to prepare them for the future.

Preserving nature should be key as it is being diminished.

Integrating nature into the school curriculum provides the opportunity for hands-on activities outdoors, which may increase appreciation and understanding of our planet.

A possible way could be to collaborate with Forest School Singapore, a school that conducts programmes outdoors.

Weekly sessions could be incorporated into the school curriculum.

Prudence and adaptability should also be emphasised in our children's education.

Training our young to be prudent and not live wastefully is the first step in creating a zero-waste system in Singapore.

In addition, adaptability is crucial as our world and environment constantly change.

Developing a versatile generation would give them the mindset required for innovating smart and sustainable solutions to climate-related challenges.

I hope these suggestions will better equip our young for the future.

The least we can do is to educate our children to face the uncertainty that awaits them in the best way they can.

Tan Wen Xin, 22

Year 2 university student

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