Forum: Use national flag to express pride, but abide by guidelines

We refer to the letter by Mr Jeffrey Tan Eng Loong (Singapore flag shouldn't be green, Dec 11).

We thank Mr Tan for bringing this matter to our attention, and for his concern that the national flag be treated with respect.

The flag and its elements represent the values and ideals we aspire towards as a people. The red and white colours are intrinsic to the meaning of the flag and should be retained to accurately reflect what the flag stands for.

We have approached the company regarding the flag depicted in green, and it has rectified the issue.

We recognise that Singaporeans and Singaporean businesses wish to use the flag as an expression of pride in our country. We encourage everyone to do so in line with the guidelines and rules governing the use of the national symbols, which can be found on the National Heritage Board's website at

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth is convening a Citizens' Workgroup to discuss how the flag and other national symbols should be used to strengthen Singaporeans' connection to our national symbols and promote norms of respectful use.

We invite Mr Tan and all Singaporeans who are interested in contributing their views to register their interest at by Dec 24.

Jill Wong

Senior Director, Resilience and Engagement Division

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

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