Forum: Use covered walkways to harness solar energy

Singapore has limited space for the production of renewable energy.

To expand our sources to harness more solar energy, Singapore has creatively started installing solar panels on the rooftops of buildings and on landed properties, as well as on the waters of reservoirs and open seas.

An alternative is to explore having solar rooftops for sheltered linkways by installing lightweight solar panels, solar shingles or other more suitable materials.

With the completion of 200km of sheltered linkways and plans to add another 150km within the next two decades, this will add much-needed rooftop space, equivalent to about seven times the total distance from the east to the west of Singapore.

While protecting us from the sun and rain, linkways with solar rooftops can absorb solar energy in the day and help to light up the linkways at night.

Any extra energy harnessed may even be used to power up other public spaces nearby.

This would enable us to become greener and more sustainable in the long term.

Madeline Lim