Forum: Urban design suggestions to deal with warming weather

In the next few decades, the world will inevitably experience increasing temperatures. Singapore can consider adopting a few urban designs in the bid to fight the heat.

First, extended roofs on all buildings. Currently, our buildings’ roofs stop at the exterior walls of the construction. There are seldom roofs extending outwards beyond the facade walls.

Constructing extended roofs would not only provide more shade for the immediate tenants below, but also block direct sunlight hitting the ground and raising the temperature.

Second, wall-mounted solar panels. In addition to rooftop solar panels, the authorities should also consider mounting solar panels on the exterior walls of buildings. Being able to capture solar energy on all sides of the buildings would enhance the efficiency of our clean energy drive.

Third, set up misting systems that run along road dividers and the edges of building roofs. During the warmest and driest period between March and July, mist could be sprayed out every 15 minutes by collecting rain water and cooling it using solar power, greatly reducing heat.

Chia Eu Foong

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