Forum: Uphold marriage and family as highest priority

We agree with Mr Jason Wong and Mr Mohd Khair that we should uphold marriage and the family as the highest priority in Singapore (Section 377A: Putting children first, Aug 3).

During the debate over Section 377A in 2007, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong emphasised the importance of family values. "The family is the basic building block of our society... And by 'family', in Singapore, we mean one man, one woman marrying, having children and bringing up children within that framework of a stable family unit."

My wife and I have been married for more than 20 years, with our fair share of trials and triumphs, and have three teenage children. Our children grow up in a safe and caring family environment, where they learn to care for themselves, others and future generations.

We observe how popular culture and activism are advancing ideas to undermine the natural family unit as old-fashioned and irrelevant, often with dire consequences for families, children and society, as is happening in many Western countries.

Therefore, the Government should put in place safeguards before considering a repeal of Section 377A. For the sake of our children and the common good of all Singaporeans, let's leave a great legacy for our next generation.

Jonathan Lim

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