Forum: Unsuccessful motor insurance claim because other party did not report accident

My car was hit from behind by another car, and the accident was recorded by my in-vehicle camera. I made an accident report and a third-party claim.

Despite having video evidence that the accident had been caused by the other party, my third-party claim was unsuccessful because the other party did not make an accident report.

Even after reminder letters were sent, the other party refused to report the accident. Reminders with no legal consequences seem ineffective.

Engaging a lawyer to sue the other party is an option but this may be more costly than the repair work.

This leaves me with only the option of making a claim on my own insurance. This would affect my insurance premiums and my no-claims discount.

Searching online, I have found many others caught in the same predicament and feeling helpless.

It does not make sense to me that those who cause accidents with no injuries can get away scot-free by not reporting the accident.

The General Insurance Association of Singapore has published a set of guidelines on its website on what should be done in this scenario. However, these have no legal weight.

It is time to fix this motor insurance loophole.

Lim Gee Wee

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