Forum: Unfair to say Singaporeans always rely on Government

Dr Thomas Lee Hock Seng said Singaporeans "tend to feel helpless when confronted with situations that tax their resources to cope" and wondered how and why "we have become a people so accustomed to asking the Government for help" (People should stop always relying on Govt for help, Nov 23). I beg to differ and find this to be an unfair statement.

Surely people would have endeavoured to resolve their difficulties on their own before seeking assistance from the authorities.

It cannot be that people have to continue to rely on themselves to solve issues, even when they are unable to do so without government intervention.

The problems of today are wide-ranging and complex, given the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Examples include the high cost of living and uncertainty of employment.

To say that people "depend on the Government for every conceivable needful situation" does not paint a true picture of how Singaporeans generally lead their lives. Many Singaporeans have stepped up during this Covid-19 crisis to tackle problems and, as a result, have emerged stronger as a people.

Kevin Tan

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