Forum: Tribute to a model doctor and special person

Thanks to the Straits Times article, "MacPherson GP who died from Covid-19 was 'kind and caring'" (Oct 12), Dr Raymond Yuen is not just a Covid-19 statistic.

We read that a message circulated on social media, and among doctors, on Monday about Dr Yuen's death.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that Dr Yuen lost his own battle with Covid-19, adding that he was partially vaccinated.

We learnt that Dr Yuen was born in Hong Kong, but later became a citizen here.

He was educated at the University of Hong Kong and came to Singapore in 1990, before getting his Master of Medicine from the National University of Singapore.

He came into his own, according to a fellow doctor, by going the extra mile for patients who came to love him for his kindness.

MP Tin Pei Ling heard of great things he had done for the MacPherson community.

This doctor made visits to his clinic less intimidating with his small talk and advice about healthy lifestyles. He kept his fees low to help the less affluent patients.

His care for his maid's family speaks so much about his loving and humble nature.

His brother said he loved God and his family. We now know his concern extended to the local community.

We are proud that you chose to come here, Dr Yuen. And sorry to see you go this way.

The Straits Times report, packed with details about Dr Yuen, moved me to pay tribute to this model doctor and special person.

There should be more people like him in this world.

Yeo Hock Yew

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