Forum: Tree planting is a meaningful way to build character

I applaud the new FamilyTrees initiative spearheaded by Families for Life to provide Singaporean families with a child up to three years old with the opportunity to plant a tree to commemorate their child's birth (Parents get chance to mark child's birth by planting a tree, March 13).

This is a very meaningful gesture to appreciate the birth of a child, and parents should be encouraged to take part. I hope the age limit can be raised to allow more families to participate.

Having a commemorative e-certificate after planting the tree, and being able to track its growth, could cultivate in many a keener sense of maintaining the green environment in our community. Children could also learn to appreciate and understand that many things, like a tree, need time to grow and develop. Instant gratification should not be the goal in their lives.

Instead of throwing lavish birthday parties or giving expensive presents, parents can use this initiative as a way to build character in children.

Foo Sing Kheng

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