Forum: Traffic lights at junction in favour of bus

We refer to the Straits Times article, "2 dead, 8 injured in accident between car and bus in Woodlands" (Sept 2).

The article mentioned that vehicles make discretionary right turns from Woodlands Avenue 4 to Avenue 9, and that there are no red-amber-green turning signals installed at the junction.

The ST report is misleading. It draws a link between the absence of red-amber-green arrows and the accident, when there is no evidence to support this. In fact, the Land Transport Authority's preliminary checks show that the traffic lights were in favour of the bus along Woodlands Avenue 4 when it was making a right turn and was hit by a yellow car.

LTA would like to urge motorists and pedestrians to observe good road safety practices and adhere to traffic rules for the safety of all road users.

Chandrasekar Palanisamy

Group Director, Traffic and Road Operations

Land Transport Authority

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