Forum: TraceTogether token's design will continue to be improved

We thank Dr Reuben Wong for his feedback (Good time to improve, standardise TraceTogether token specifications, July 13).

As an immediate response, we have stepped up checks to ensure refurbished TraceTogether tokens are in satisfactory condition before issuance.

We launched the TraceTogether token in June last year. We had several considerations for the token's physical design. The token had to be compact and portable, simple to use for the elderly and young children, and the battery should last for a good period of time.

As Dr Wong correctly pointed out, we used different manufacturers to produce the tokens quickly.

The newer designs are the result of continuously working with the manufacturers to introduce models that are lighter, with longer battery life. We will continue to improve the designs to optimise the token's performance.

We are conscious of the need to minimise e-waste. Therefore, we have adopted various methods of token replacement which include changing of batteries as well as the refurbishment of old tokens.

Refurbished tokens should have been thoroughly cleaned and properly sanitised before being distributed to the public. We will work with vendors to ensure that the tokens are in good working condition.

For models where the battery can be changed, users can get the battery replaced at community centres/clubs and at replacement booths in selected malls.

Huang Weixian

Director, Adoption and Engagement

Smart Nation and Digital Government Office

Prime Minister's Office

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