Forum: Toxic masculinity probably took root way before NS

I refer to reporter Clement Yong's column, "Toxic masculinity: Time to tackle it on all fronts" (June 6).

On the whole, the commentary was well-written but it seemed to be directed at the national service life, and it did not exactly cover "all fronts" as the headline suggested.

It is overly simplistic to presume that the notion of masculine toxicity somehow materialises because a group of men gather together for a two-year training stint. Rather, such behaviour may have taken root long before boys become men to be enlisted.

To properly nip this social problem in the bud, it is important to address root causes such as a person's upbringing, his education, his circle of friends and his exposure to pornography.

Therefore, more resources should be channelled into social and family support services so that root causes may be holistically and roundly explored, and assistance effectively given.

David Wong Yeng Kin