Forum: Too much focus on political correctness

Singapore People's Party chairman Jose Raymond posted on Facebook his views that the latest series of posters by the Singapore Kindnesses Movement had racially profiled citizens.

As the Singapore Kindness Movement later explained, the full set of posters featured different races in the same occupation.

There is no need to put all four posters together at all times just to be politically correct. After 55 years of independence, have Singaporeans become less tolerant and are so concerned about racial profiling?

Are we regressing as "one united people, regardless of race and religion"? The important point is to level up the income of all cleaners, regardless of race, and make their job easier.

Mr Raymond should not be overly concerned with being politically correct. I believe no malice was intended in the posters.

I hope that we are able to see ourselves as Singaporeans first, rather than being Chinese, Malay or Indian. We owe it to our future generation to be racially blind in as many endeavours as possible, even if our identity card states our race.

Our attitude and magnanimity towards fellow Singaporeans will decide the type of society we want for ourselves, our families and our future generations.

Foo Sing Kheng

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