Forum: Time to reconsider use of physical Singpass token to help prevent scams?

The report about the 75-year-old woman who had her Central Providend Fund (CPF) savings drained as a result of a scam is very unsettling news (Woman loses $1m in 'China officials impersonation scam', April 23).

The article mentioned only that the victim had provided personal details such as her identity card number and address.

It would be helpful if full details of what was provided to the scammers are disclosed by the authorities to alert the public what not to do.

The CPF Board website can be accessed only using Singpass.

In this regard, would Singpass consider re-allowing physical tokens, especially for those who have not downloaded the Singpass app on their mobile phones and instead use PCs and laptops for access?

Perhaps CPF Board could also send notifications to CPF members when withdrawals are made, like the banks do?

Merely checking with the bank that the account the funds are being transfered to is indeed the victim's seems not to be sufficient.

Ang Chiew Leng

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