Forum: Time to install automated wheelchair ramps on buses

Three years have passed since the Land Transport Authority (LTA) had a six-month pilot scheme to test an automated wheelchair ramp for buses, to make it easier for seniors and commuters with disabilities to board and alight (LTA testing automated wheelchair ramp for buses in six-month pilot, Feb 3, 2018).

We have yet to see public buses installed with automated ramps after the pilot scheme.

There have been news reports about new buses with three sets of doors, but there was no mention of an automated ramp.

Often I see the bus driver having to step out of the bus, even in heavy rain without wearing a raincoat, to manually pull out the ramp, which commuters usually stand on.

No hand sanitiser or wet tissue is provided by the bus company for the driver to clean his hands.

Was the automated ramp not feasible?

If the pilot failed, did LTA tap other experts or have polytechnic or university mechanical engineering students study this project?

Did LTA study other countries that have automated ramps on buses?

Rachel Tan

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