Forum: Time for stricter controls on vehicle noise levels

While the Traffic Police look into road-calming measures in Tanjong Pagar (Police looking at taking extra measures in vicinity of BMW crash, Feb 15) following the recent accident there, the National Environment Agency (NEA) should concurrently look into stricter vehicular noise controls, not just for speeding vehicles but also the starting-up and revving of car engines.

I live in a quiet street in a residential estate in the north-east.

The peace is often broken by the sound of revving sports cars that are then driven noisily down the street in the middle of the night or the early hours of the morning.

My family members and I are often awakened by the very loud noise emitted by these cars.

I managed to note down one of the cars' licence plate number and shared my concerns with the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

While LTA replied to say that it would look into the matter, it said that action could be taken only if the vehicle was found to have been illegally modified.

Enforcement agencies should look at reducing the allowable level of noise emission for vehicles.

The permissible noise level set by NEA for construction sites located less than 150m from residential buildings ranges from 55 to 70 decibels outside the hours of 7am to 7pm, yet the maximum noise level allowed for cars is 96 to 100 decibels.

For the health and safety of residents in our densely populated country, it is time the noise emissions of such vehicles were subjected to stricter regulations.

Teo Leng Lee