Forum: Teach people to use water dispensers correctly

The authorities have done a good job of installing water dispensers at hawker centres as part of efforts to prevent diabetes.

However, not everyone understands or knows the purpose of these installations.

I witnessed an elderly person using a water dispenser at a hawker centre in Clementi as if it were a sink. He rinsed his mouth, spat into the dispenser, and washed his hands and face from the water spout. He did all this despite a proper sink being located right next to the dispenser.

This is very unhygienic and a sure way of transmitting germs.

This may be happening at other water dispensers too.

Perhaps the authorities could consider putting up signs to educate users, or remove these dispensers from hawker centres. These dispensers may not serve as big a purpose any more, as drink stalls now sell hot and cold plain water at 20 cents a cup.

Margaret Chong