Forum: Tap flexi-work to support older staff and those with eldercare needs

It was good to read the tripartite statement encouraging employers to continue offering flexible work arrangements (Flexible work arrangements should be a permanent feature: Tripartite statement, April 22).

For over a decade, flexible work arrangements have been promoted as a work-life harmony solution to support parents with childcare needs.

But as Singapore's population ages, it is critical for workplaces to tap flexi-work to also support the older workforce and employees with eldercare needs.

An employee can support an elderly parent recovering from illness or surgery as he works from home.

Working remotely also allows an employee to work while waiting in a clinic with an elderly family member.

Older staff - the Generation X in their 40s and 50s and the baby boomers in their 60s - who remain important talents and resources for Singapore - can learn more about flexible work arrangements and the benefits.

They can tap flexi-load, flexi-place and flexi-time arrangements to meet personal and family needs.

Their track record at work should be a strong foundation for trust from management and team members that they will deliver results while working remotely.

The learning curve for flexible work arrangements has been steep in the last two years, and some workplaces may have had negative experiences with the unexpected, unplanned and rushed implementation.

But I hope this does not hinder the acceptance of flexible work arrangements and the desire to make Singapore a better workplace with a more resilient and agile workforce.

Yeo Miu Ean

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