Forum: Tackle speeding commercial vehicles, stop street hails for cabs

I have observed two issues while driving that I hope the relevant authorities can look into.

First, it's alarmingly noticeable that commercial vehicles such as vans, lorries and trucks, which have a lower speed limit, are going beyond the legal limit.

I wonder if companies are still paying drivers by trips completed or providing incentives to meet quotas. If so, the Government should put a stop to these forms of compensation or incentives to prevent potential accidents from occurring on the roads.

At the same time, if drivers of such vehicles are caught contravening the speed limit, there should be penalties imposed on their company, too, besides those imposed on the drivers.

The second observation pertains to taxis accepting passengers hailing them on the street. This should be disallowed. Passenger pick-ups should be at designated areas or through phone or app bookings.

I have noticed cabbies changing lanes suddenly when they see potential passengers by the roadside. It can be dangerous for taxi drivers and other road users.

Bernard Yeo Boon Yeow

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