Forum: Supervisors must ensure hawker centre cleaners do their job

I refer to the letter, "Diners can clean the tables at eateries themselves" (March 2).

Under certain circumstances - like if it is simply some food stains - it is practical for a diner to use his own wet tissue to wipe the table.

But for cases such as when bird faeces stain the table, cleaners are needed to do a better job.

At East Coast Lagoon Food Village last week, I saw several tables stained with faeces. I asked a cleaner, who was sitting and chatting with another cleaner, to clean the table. Though hesitant initially, she did eventually do it.

Cleaners must know what they are obliged to do. Their supervisors must check that they do their job instead of being told what to do.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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