Forum: Subdividing Caldecott site for sale would benefit more parties

Mr Lim Ai Tiong's suggestion to divide the site on which Caldecott Broadcast Centre used to be and put plots up for sale individually is one that would benefit many parties during the current pandemic-induced doldrums (Divide Caldecott site into single plots for sale to individual owners, Oct 20).

In subdividing and possibly auctioning the individual plots of bungalow land, Mediacorp will definitely derive a higher return than selling the entire large plot which will attract a low unit rate selling price.

I believe that selling individual plots of land to single home buyers would definitely yield a more diversified group of interesting and vibrant designs that would be more desirable and aligned with the essence of any landed housing estate. Having 67 different designs is better than one set of standard design by a developer.

The "trickle down effect" will be tremendous when 67 sets of consultant teams and contractors are appointed instead of only one team, as argued by Mr Lim.

A lot of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) building consultant teams are badly in need of job support, and these SMEs fall through the cracks in government support as many are very young set-ups.

I hope that Mediacorp will reconsider selling the Caldecott site en bloc and instead move forward with due consideration for the best interests of all Singaporeans in this poor economic climate.

Raymond Tan Eng Teik

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