Forum: Study these factors to prevent workplace accidents

There are five factors that affect safety at workplaces (High cost of hurrying, May 15). I think of them as the five Ms:

  • Management: When the bosses chase outcomes without being mindful of the processes involved, key performance indicators, goals and completion deadlines become more important than getting the job done safely.
  • Man: Consider whether the person doing the job is skilled enough, rested enough, physically and mentally healthy enough, understands well enough what he has to do, and can work with others and communicate well enough with his management and colleagues to get on with the job.
  • Mission: Whether the job is put together well depends on whether the men who feel uncomfortable in doing the job are allowed to express their apprehension. Can they offer safety suggestions and are those suggestions welcomed?
  • Medium: Whether the operating environment is suitable or conducive enough to get on with the job is important too. Is the weather suitable enough? Are all teams in the same environment aware of each other's work so as not to get in one another's way?
  • Machines: Are the tools suitable to get the job done well, and are the machines operated by qualified and trained operators? Are the machines well maintained?

Considering these factors properly may contribute to reducing accidents at workplaces.

Frank Singam

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