Forum: Students should find ways to help integrate migrant workers into society

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how disconnected the migrant worker community is from the larger Singapore society.

More can be done to better integrate the two communities.

As a university student who is interested in community engagement, I have been thinking hard about how students can engage and support the migrant worker community, one of the largest hidden communities in Singapore.

I applaud the work of local organisations in reaching out to the migrant workers. One such organisation is HealthServe, which launched Singapore's first 24-hour crisis helpline for this community to address its multi-faceted needs.

Student organisations could reach out to migrant workers to find out their needs and demands.

Such organisations could also think about how to improve migrant workers' mental well-being, especially during the pandemic, and how to empower them to showcase their talents to the Singapore community.

I look forward to the day when all Singaporeans feel that migrant workers are an integral part of our community.

And for that to happen, we Singaporeans have to show migrant workers that we are here for them and will continue to support their contributions to Singapore.

Liaw Zheng Kai

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