Forum: Stricter action needed to prevent mosquito breeding in unoccupied homes

I am writing to seek a solution to a mosquito-breeding problem in my neighbourhood which has persisted for years.

A corner terrace house with a swimming pool has remained uninhabited for the past few years.

There is occasional cleaning and other maintenance work done, during which I usually see water from the pool discharged onto the road outside the property.

The empty pool then collects rainwater and turns greenish over time.

Since the water is discharged only once every two or three months, the chances of mosquito breeding are extremely high.

To its credit, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has been responsive to neighbours' complaints and contacts the owner to act.

So, when NEA notifies the owner, intense cleaning is done over the days before the agency's officers visit the premises.

Unsurprisingly, these inspections have not found any evidence of mosquito breeding. The cycle then repeats itself.

Are there any legal provisions or agencies that can compel owners of such properties to undertake and show proof of regular - at least weekly - clearing of rainwater in the pool and property, or to mandate the owners to cover up the potential breeding areas if regular clearing is not possible?

This is definitely better than carrying out inspections after giving owners ample time to get rid of any incriminating evidence.

Kwek Geok Siong

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