Forum: Strengthen laws and punishments for litterbugs

Before we even start to combat marine litter (S'pore launches national strategy to tackle growing problem of marine litter, June 5), we should address the looming littering problem on our island.

Singapore remains a cleaned city rather than a clean city.

If not for the legion of cleaners, we could never claim to be a clean and green city, not to mention a city in nature.

We have to further strengthen our anti-littering laws, enforcement and punishment.

I suggest slapping a hefty fine plus a Corrective Work Order on all litterbugs to eradicate the problem.

It is only when all citizens take responsibility for not littering, and those who litter are taken to task, that we can claim to be a clean and green city.

I hope the authorities can act on this urgently.

Yeow Hwee Ming

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