Forum: Step up education on food wastage among children

I read with alarm that the amount of food waste generated in Singapore has risen by about 20 per cent over the past 10 years and is expected to increase (Turning trash to treasure, Dec 27).

To stop food wastage, it is crucial to start educating Singaporeans from a young age.

The Ministry of Education can add a chapter about food wastage in the primary school science syllabus. Primary school pupils are taught about decomposition, so why not enhance the topic by teaching them how to upcycle food waste?

As for secondary school students, during their Food and Consumer Education lessons, teachers can teach them how to prepare just enough food, plan their grocery shopping list and use ugly food, along with other ways to avoid wasting food.

Since most schools have small gardens, they should make full use of them by establishing co-curricular activities where students can learn how to convert food waste into fertiliser. The fertiliser can be given to residents nearby or sold to raise funds for the school.

Hopefully these steps we take can correct young ones' view of food wastage, and ensure our future generations have a sustainable food supply.

Elliot Taylor Hong