Forum: Stay vigilant and wear mask properly

I refer to Forum contributor Janet Lim's letter (Sports attire alone doesn't exempt one from the rules for wearing a mask, Jan 23).

Even as we are still in the midst of the pandemic, it is worrying to see some people in the community still not wearing a mask properly - ensuring that the mask covers both the nose and the mouth.

By not wearing a mask properly, these people - mostly men and seniors, from what I have seen - are putting others at risk.

I have even seen some people spitting in public. Such irresponsible behaviour and disregard for safe management measures bring harm to the community.

It seems there are hardly any enforcement officers around these days.

If people continue with such irresponsible behaviour, all our efforts to contain the coronavirus over the past year would go to waste.

Some people may think that things will get better with the arrival of vaccines. But as stated by medical researchers, the vaccines are not a silver bullet, but an additional layer of protection on top of measures like mask wearing.

If we are to succeed in our fight against Covid-19, everyone must take the responsibility to follow safe management measures.

Susan Tan Lin Neo

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