Forum: SSO and SCO to restage cancelled concerts when they're able to

We thank Ms Dawn Chen Wenhui for her heartwarming letter (Revive last year's cancelled concert performances, Jan 8).

The Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) are continuing efforts to bring classical and Chinese orchestral music to audiences via online platforms.

The SSO and SCO plan to restage some of the cancelled concerts over the next three years, once safe management measures allow for more musicians on stage and when the international stars are able to perform with us.

In the best interest of our audience and musicians, both orchestras have planned for performances that consider current safe management measures and travel restrictions, working with smaller ensembles and launching small-scale performances to remain nimble in the midst of the changing Covid-19 landscape.

We have been so touched by the support of our audiences over a difficult year, and look forward to resuming live concerts with a full-sized orchestra when it is safe to do so.

The SSO and SCO will announce details of all rescheduled performances in due course.

June Teo

Assistant Director, Marketing Communications

Singapore Chinese Orchestra Company Limited

Haslina Hassan

Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications

Singapore Symphony Group