Forum: Spread out amenities along beachfront to avoid crowding

Time and again, Singaporeans read in the news that East Coast Park (ECP) and Changi beaches are overcrowded.

I have made my own observation and, interestingly, discovered that the crowds are not well spread out across the few kilometres along the seafront.

Most of the crowds tend to gather around the vicinity of the toilets or under a few trees that provide shade.

Therefore, to spread out the crowds, the authorities should build more toilet facilities at regular intervals.

More shady trees should be planted along the entire stretch of beach, instead of clustering them together.

In addition, some snack and drink kiosks, together with kiosks that rent out deck chairs and beach umbrellas, should be provided along the whole stretch of beach, to spread out the crowd and for the convenience of beachgoers.

At present, along the beach at ECP, there are a few restaurants in Parkland Green and Marine Cove.

There is only one food centre, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, and it is very crowded throughout the day.

In order to spread out the crowd, one more food centre should be built in the vicinity of the former Big Splash.

The beachfront is one of the most popular playgrounds for families, as it is a cheap and convenient place to cycle and to keep fit.

When residents are healthy, it is good for the economy and the country as a whole.

Hence, money spent on rejuvenating the beach parks is well worth it.

People should be encouraged to go to the beach for more fresh air.

Harry Ong Heng Poh