Forum: Sports attire alone doesn't exempt one from the rules for wearing a mask

I am sharing my concerns over the wearing of masks during this Covid-19 period. Like many Singaporeans, I believe in doing my part to keep everyone around me safe by adhering to safe management measures and keeping up my personal hygiene.

But there are others out there who do not think it is their duty to do the same. I see many people at parks, beaches and on the streets without their masks on. These are people wearing sports apparel and sports shoes who think that if they are in such attire, they do not need to wear masks.

Many of these people are walking leisurely and not running or brisk walking. I see families without masks sitting around or playing on the beach. They are definitely not doing any strenuous exercise.

And I've been seeing this over months. It irks me and, I am sure, others as well, who are trying hard to protect ourselves and those around us, only to be disappointed by people who do not care about those around them. It is worrying that these folks are putting people at risk, especially now, with more cases in the community.

People need to be reminded about the rules of mask wearing as this concerns the overall safety and well-being of everyone here.

Janet Lim

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