Forum: Spare a thought before denying unvaccinated staff entry to workplace

I refer to the announcement by the multi-ministry task force tackling Covid-19 that unvaccinated people may not be allowed back to the workplace despite having a negative Covid-19 test result (Unvaccinated people may not be allowed back to workplace despite negative test result: Wong, Dec 15).

If this concession is removed, unvaccinated employees denied entry to their workplaces will probably have to resign. This makes such workers unemployable in workplaces which need them to be on-site.

The family members of unvaccinated workers would also be affected by the loss of income.

Employers might also suffer as they would have to let go of unvaccinated employees who may be excellent workers. The loss of such workers might affect business operations and cause recruitment problems for employers in this challenging business landscape.

The unvaccinated already face restrictions, including denial of entry to shopping malls, having to take additional antigen rapid tests and the mandatory pre-event testing for entry into workplaces come Jan 1.

Placing restrictions to protect the unvaccinated is one thing, but making it difficult for unvaccinated people to earn a living is another. Not every unvaccinated person can work from home.

Benjamin Ng C.K.

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