Forum: Some seniors sat on floor to rest while queueing at pop-up ATM

With Chinese New Year drawing near, I was queueing to withdraw new notes from a pop-up ATM at Chong Pang Community Club at about 11am yesterday.

There were around 40 people in the queue and about three-quarters of them were seniors.

The staff at the community club informed us that there was only one machine working and that there was no guarantee there would still be notes available when it came to our turn.

I understand that machines can break down. But I find it somewhat unacceptable that there are only two pop-up ATMs available at each of the designated locations.

What is more, at Chong Pang Community Club yesterday, one of the machines broke down so early in the day - the queue was supposed to have started at 10am.

If a company is willing to provide a service for the people, it should provide the support that the service requires.

I felt bad for the seniors in the queue, knowing that the notes might have run out when it came to their turn. Some of them even sat on the floor to rest after having queued for some time. Some of us ended up waiting for about three hours.

Amid the Covid-19 situation, it is also not ideal to have so many people queueing for an extended time.

I hope that DBS Bank/POSB can look into this matter and improve this service.

Goh Lian Teck

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